When you donate to REACH, you are making a powerful statement that domestic violence is unacceptable and that we can do something about it.

Your donation means that a domestic violence survivor and their child will find safety, support, and a fresh start in REACH’s secure, confidential shelter.

Your donation means that a domestic violence survivor going to court to face their abuser will have a REACH advocate by their side to prepare them for what to expect, sit with them through the proceedings, and help them process the experience when it’s over.

Your donation means that teens who want to change their generation’s approach to relationship violence will be given the training, tools, and resources to become leaders among their peers.

Your donation means that families who are starting over after an abusive relationship will have school supplies, holiday gifts, and other items that make life for their family normal and fun again.

Don’t wait – donate today and help make domestic violence a thing of the past.