Get Help

Domestic violence can happen to anyone regardless of age, gender identity, race, income level, sexual orientation or religion. No one has the right to hurt, threaten, or make you feel afraid.

Are you afraid for your safety? Call 911. Tell the dispatcher that you are in danger and that you need help immediately. If you cannot get to a phone to call 911, leave. Go to a public place and ask for help.

Have questions? Help is available. If you are concerned about your relationship or have concerns about a friend or family member, call REACH for support. Our 24-hour hotline: 800.899.4000 is free and confidential.

We understand that you may have questions about your safety, rights and resources. We also realize that it can feel scary to reach out for help. Research has shown that being connected to a domestic violence advocate can increase your safety and well-being. Our hotline staff is trained to provide supportive and confidential services in English and Spanish.

REACH’s hotline advocates can:

  • listen to your fears, concerns and questions
  • provide general information about dating and domestic violence
  • help you create a personal safety plan
  • share detailed information about our supportive services, including shelter, support groups, legal and individual advocacy
  • connect you with local resources

Connect to services. REACH offers free, community-based supportive services, including support groups, legal and community advocacy, and child and adolescent therapy. If you are seeking supportive services, you can call 781.891.0724 x101 to schedule an intake with a REACH staff person.

Within 72 hours a REACH staff person will contact you to schedule an intake. During the intake, we will talk about your experience and needs. Together we will create a plan to connect you with the appropriate REACH services.