Prevention and Education Programs

Preventing violence is ending violence. REACH believes that community education and leadership are building blocks to prevent dating and domestic violence. Our Prevention and Education program works with community members to identify strategies that promote healthy individuals, relationships and communities.

REACH uses three strategies in our prevention efforts: youth work, community education and community mobilization. In each of these areas REACH is leading the way in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by creating innovative programs and demonstrating success in cultivating lasting community partnerships.

Youth work
Peers Against ViolencE (PAVE) is a youth-focused REACH program. PAVE engages youth and adults who support youth to learn about dating abuse and healthy relationships and become active leaders in dating violence prevention.

Our PAVE[education] program provides multi-session dating violence prevention education in schools and community settings while our PAVE[leadership development] and PAVE[summit] programs build youth leadership skills. To help youth experiencing dating violence, our PAVE[support services] offer individual and group support through therapy and support groups. All PAVE[support services] are free and confidential.

To learn more about PAVE, visit our official website, PAVEnet.

Community education
REACH offers community members information, skills and resources on dating and domestic violence. Through informal community dialogues and professional trainings, REACH shares information about the dynamics of dating and domestic violence, screening and referral strategies, and bystander intervention techniques.

We direct our community education efforts at various community groups and organizations such as faith organizations, police departments, hospitals and community health centers, social service agencies, local businesses, and neighborhood and civic organizations.

Training often includes speakers who are part of REACH’s Survivor Speakers’ Bureau. We train and support speakers to share their specific experiences with dating and domestic abuse as part of a discussion of the impact of abuse and the role of community in supporting survivors.

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Community mobilization
The core of REACH’s approach to dating and domestic violence prevention is the opportunity for community members to become agents of change.

By guiding roundtables and coalitions, REACH brings together individuals and groups around common goals to create greater local impact. We hold gatherings in informal spaces (e.g., friendraisers, kitchen table conversations, community meals, reading groups) to bring together residents and neighbors to talk about dating and domestic violence, promote community ownership of the issues, and inform community-driven projects within their personal networks.

Projects that may arise out of community mobilization efforts might include: educational forums and presentations, print and digital social media campaigns, neighborhood events, media and legislative advocacy.

To learn more, call 781-891-0724 x105.