Bentley University Students “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes”

REACH recently teamed up with Bentley University to raise awareness about sexual assault in a unique way:  A committee of students through Bentley University’s Equity Center brought an international event entitled “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” to Bentley’s campus.  The Equity Center’s mission is to create a more inclusive, informed, and compassionate campus community and provides resources and programs focused on gender, gender identity, and sexuality. 

Walk A Mile in Her Shoes engages men to raise awareness and engage in conversations about sexual and domestic violence first by “walking the walk.”  Walk a Mile in Her Shoes tasks men with walking a mile (or, due to inclement weather, a lap of Bentley’s Student Center) in a pair of high heels. This event is not a judgment or commentary on anyone’s gender expression; it brings the lens of performance art to showcase how men can leverage their discretionary power to disrupt systems of violence and oppression.  The event attracted nearly 150 participants from the football team, hockey team, fraternities, and various student organizations.    

Walk a Mile in Her Shoes began in 2001 as a small community event, and has since evolved into an international event, raising millions of dollars for local domestic violence and sexual assault programs.  Funds raised through this year’s event at Bentley University were donated to REACH.   

REACH regularly supports community members interested in raising awareness about domestic violence in their communities.  If you are interested in hosting an event, community workshop, or fundraiser in your community, please contact Lauren Montanaro, our Community Engagement Specialist at