REACH Participates in Community Forum with GLBT Domestic Violence Coalition

REACH recently participated in a community forum hosted by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Domestic Violence Coalition (GLBT DVC).  Started in 1994, The GLBT DVC is made up of individuals committed to increased education surrounding the intersection of LGBQ/T issues and domestic violence.  The GLBT DVC supports service providers through education, training, and technical support to better serve survivors who are part of the gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, or transgender communities. 

The forum was one of two held last month as part of GLBT DVC’s process of assessing the needs of the LGBQ/T community and how to best help service providers in supporting survivors.  In addition to the one we attended in Boston, they held a forum in Worcester, inviting individuals and service providers to join the conversation and share their experiences and hopes for the Coalition’s future. The number of Coalition members and intent of the work has changed over the years as conversations around both domestic violence and LGBTQ/T issues have changed over the decades.  Attendees enjoyed reflecting on the history and development within these movements, and discussed their dreams for how the GLBT DVC could be present in the future.  The GLBT DVC is best known for Screening Tool Conference, an annual conference for service providers to better assess who is the abuser and who is the survivor in relationships in which there is domestic violence. 

The Coalition is planning some internal strategy sessions this summer and fall.  REACH looks forward to continuing to support and be a part of this valuable work.