REACH Participates in Screening Tool Conference

In December, some members of REACH’s staff attended the Screening Tool Conference, hosted by the GLBTQ Domestic Violence Coalition. The Coalition originally developed the Screening Tool to assist providers in screening for partner abuse/domestic violence in LGBQ/T relationships. The tool helps providers assess who is the abuser and who is the survivor in an abusive relationship. This is especially important for the LGBQ/T Community, because it is more common for dual arrests to be made when both parties are the same gender when compared to heterosexual relationships. Since its creation, the tool’s usage has expanded, and is now utilized when working with all survivors. 

This year’s conference took place at Fenway Health, and approximately 40 people attended. The audience included a diverse group of participants, including social workers, domestic violence service providers, law enforcement, and community members. Members of the GLBTQ Domestic Violence Coalition, including REACH’s Community Engagement Specialist, Lauren Montanaro, facilitated the conference, leading sessions on defining terms, language, pronouns, and barriers faced by LGBQ/T survivors. Participants also learned how to screen in a trauma-informed way, and what to listen for and how to ask questions in order to elicit responses needed to screen. You can find more information about the GLBTQ Domestic Violence Coalition here.

GLBTQ Domestic Violence Coalition Members Lauren Montanaro (REACH Beyond Domestic Violence) and Hales Burton (Fenway Health)