REACH Trains Wellesley College Police Department on Trauma

On Monday, May 1st, REACH Beyond Domestic Violence conducted a training with the Wellesley College Police Department on trauma. During the training, officers shared several of their experiences in responding to cases of suicide, sexual assault, and other incidents – some with more than thirty years of experience. The training discussed the impact of trauma, on both physiological and emotional levels, as well as how to provide trauma-informed responses and support to survivors who are coming forward about an experience.

After the training concluded, officers expressed gratitude for the training and excitement to continue a partnership with REACH in the future. Lieutenant Philip N. Di Blasi stated, “Campus policing can be very nuanced. Therefore it is important that we, as service providers, have as many tools as possible to assist somebody at that crucial intake stage of the process. Trauma-informed policing is the next big thing, in my opinion, and I believe it will not only lead to increased trust between police and those whom we serve, but a better and longer lasting relationship.”

REACH regularly conducts trainings with both law enforcement and college campuses. We are available to support these or any other community members who are interested in preventing and responding to sexual assault or relationship violence. Training topics include the effects of trauma, what to say or do to help a friend experiencing violence, dynamics of abuse, and more. To schedule a training, contact Community Engagement Specialist Lauren Montanaro in our Prevention Department.