TripAdvisor Partners with REACH to support Holiday Gift Program

Last week, members of the REACH staff were welcomed to the TripAdvisor/FlipKey Boston offices for a “Lunch and Learn.” Attendees were employees of the downtown office and gathered to enjoy a catered lunch and hear from REACH’s Director of Prevention Programs Jessica Teperow, Survivor Speakers Bureau member Mary, and Associate Executive Director Deb Heimel.

Jessica spoke first and introduced the audience to REACH as an organization, our history, and the work we do to build healthy communities by ending domestic violence. Mary (who you might remember if you attended this year’s Reach for the Stars Gala) spoke next about her personal experience of being in an abusive marriage, and how the support she received from REACH helped her to move past it. Lastly, Deb spoke to the TripAdvisor employees about our Holiday Gift Program and how they can get involved. TripAdvisor’s Needham office has supported the program for several years and this year the Boston office is getting in on the fun! A ‘gift tree’ has been set up in their lunchroom, with tags that employees can take. Each tag has a gift listed on it from a REACH family’s wish list. Employees who take a tag are committing to shop for that gift and drop it back off at the office, to be combined with others and delivered to REACH during Holiday Gift Week.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with TripAdvisor to provide gifts for families, but also to be able to come and talk about the REACH that work does all year round and about the realities of domestic violence, and how we all can play a role in ending it.

For more information about our Holiday Gift Program and how you and/or your company can get involved, email Associate Executive Director Deb Heimel.