We’re Moving!

We are delighted to share that after many months of looking, we have found and secured REACH’s new office space. It is more spacious, more accessible, and more efficient.

More than 10,000 square feet of space will accommodate staff, survivors, children, volunteers – all of our community-based programs, each of which have been growing so much over the past several years.  This new space will allow us to serve more people and serve them better. The office will have multiple conference and meeting rooms where we can increase the number and variety of group activities we provide – such as writing workshops for survivors, high school youth leadership meetings or domestic violence trainings for community members. We are glad to still be in Waltham, a location where we have connections and community as well as access to the 26 other towns we serve. We are planning some improvements and can’t wait to get in there soon.

As we take this big step, we are so grateful to all our supporters who have helped to make this all possible.  We look forward to keeping you informed as we move along with the project and ways that you can get involved.