Holiday Wishes Come True for 800 people!

Last week, more than 250 people came together for REACH’s Annual Holiday Gift Party.  One of the attendees sums up the evening nicely: “REACH has been here for me in so many ways in the last two years and I know that I’m where I am partly because of your support and the extended hand your organization has provided me throughout the years. The Holiday Party was awesome, as always. It was a nice setting and wonderful ambiance. It was a safe place that I can let my child run, play and eat (too much!) candy. I would like to express how special the people that buy the gifts are. In my experience I feel the love and care when I open the bags and start to wrap my child’s gifts. The gifts are so thoughtful and carefully selected. I’m speechless when I see the generosity pour in and manifest in this way.”

Between last week and this week, more than 260 families (nearly 800 adults and kids!) receive gifts – supplied by strangers they’ve never met. The gifts are items that they themselves asked for; gifts that donors thoughtfully picked out based on information provided by each survivor such as sizes, favorite colors, and hobbies. 
For REACH staff and volunteers, it is a wonderful week of organizing and distributing the gifts. Our colleague Lauren described her experience in last week’s blog post. The party, generously hosted by our friends at Cimpress and Vistaprint with catering donated by Blue Ribbon BBQ and an amazing group of volunteers, provides a joyous opportunity for survivors to gather and strengthen the social connections that are so important to their health and ongoing healing. A big thank you to our friends at The Nelson Companies who provided us with a location for the “North Pole” (for all the gifts!).  

All of this would not be possible without the kindness of REACH donors and volunteers who do so much to brighten the holiday season. Your generosity also helps us provide important services to survivors and communities all year long.  If you have not already made a year-end gift to REACH, please consider doing so to help sustain these vital ongoing programs.