REACH Announces Opening of New Office

Following a multi-year process ranging from fundraising to design to construction, REACH Beyond Domestic Violence is proud to announce our Community Based Advocacy and Prevention programs, as well as our administrative offices, have moved to a new location.

Two years ago, we received a grant of $100,000 from Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots Foundation which enabled us to kick off the process in earnest. Additional funding from the Cummings Foundation, Jane’s Trust, and our extended network of individual donors and supporters got us the rest of the way there. REACH worked with ID8 Design Studio principal Sashya Thind Fernandes to create a vision for the best use of the versatile new space, which had existing offices around the periphery, and substantial open space in the middle. Working with the team from ID8, we envisioned a reception area, conference and meeting spaces, “micro-offices,” intern work spaces, and a play area for childcare, constructed in such a way that natural light could flow through to the interior spaces. Our friends at Denco Builders worked with us to make those visions a reality, within our budget and on time.

The new space has multiple meeting rooms – something we didn’t have in our former space. On any given day – or evening – at REACH, there are several meetings that could be happening at once: a support group, a volunteer meeting or training, a coordinated community response team meeting, a high risk response team meeting. We will now be able to host our twice each year training at the office instead of offsite. We look forward to working collaboratively (and more comfortably!) with partners on community response initiatives. We now have space for youth leaders to meet. We can provide a sunny, open space for support group – that also feels intimate and comfortable.

We selected our new office space because it is in a familiar setting – not too far from where we are now. That gives people who have been working with REACH for a while some comfort as they – like us – make the transition from the current office to the new one. When they arrive, there is ample parking. If needed, there is a ramp and an elevator for easy access. When the elevator doors open, there will be a bright, clean lobby and a doorbell to announce your arrival.

The new office has multiple spaces for children: a larger, more fully-equipped space for child therapy, a separate space for therapy with teens, and a large, dedicated, central space for play. It’s big enough to store plenty of toys, and has a “half-wall” to keep the kids and their toys somewhat contained. This feature also allows survivors who are meeting with an advocate in one of the surrounding offices an easy quick view of their child as they play.

For privacy reasons, REACH does not publish our office address. If you were familiar with our old location and have reason to come visit us at our new one, contact us first at 781.891.0724 so that you know where to go.

To read about REACH’s journey to our new space over the past several months, see our blogs here, here, here, here and here. To see pictures, check out the album on our Facebook page.