Engage Your Community

You can help us end dating and domestic violence. When domestic violence survivors need help most, they reach out to their friends and families first. With the support of educated and empathetic peers, survivors of violence can reduce their isolation, connect to resources and increase their safety.

Invite us in to talk. Through our Prevention and Education programs, REACH connects with local schools, businesses, faith institutions, civic groups, law enforcement, healthcare and social service agencies. You can invite us to speak with you about dating or domestic violence, warning signs, strategies for supporting survivors, referrals and resources.

Engage a survivor speaker. Members of our Survivor Speakers’ Bureau are trained to speak about their personal experiences with dating and domestic violence. In collaboration with a staff member, speakers engage community members in discussions about the impact of abuse and the role of community in supporting survivors and ending abuse.

Gather your friends. With help from REACH, you can put together an event that will help us raise awareness and bring in new supporters. Invite friends, neighbors, and coworkers to your home (or the home of a generous friend) for a conversation about the work we do and the support survivors need.

Join our network. REACH mobilizes local efforts to address dating and domestic violence. If you’re interested in joining a community roundtable and leveraging local resources to create change, contact our Prevention and Education department.

Host the Silent Witnesses. The Silent Witness Exhibit is a traveling exhibit that uses art to educate and sensitize people to domestic violence. The Silent Witnesses are free-standing, life-size, red silhouettes each representing a woman, man, or child who was murdered in Massachusetts due to dating or domestic violence. Each witness displays the name and story of a homicide victim. Because these individuals no longer have a voice, the silhouettes are called Silent Witnesses. To showcase the exhibit, contact us at 781.891.0724 x100. A donation of $50/day or $200/week is suggested. All funds raised provide for the general upkeep and repair of the exhibit as well as promotion and printing costs. However, REACH will not deny access to this exhibit to anyone based on ability to pay.