Engage in Your Community

Reaching a world beyond domestic violence takes all of us.


We All have a role to play

While REACH is here to support survivors, we know that the first person a survivor turns to is most often a friend, family member, or trusted support like a faith leader or therapist. Through our Community Engagement work, we focus on building the confidence and competence of individuals to support survivors in their lives.

Ways to Engage

To support the unique needs of each survivor and develop comprehensive solutions to end domestic violence, REACH focuses on four key areas of intervention.

Questions? Contact our Community Engagement Specialist, Sydney Carter, at sydney@reachma.org.

Host a training

Supporting survivors starts with deepening knowledge. Our trainings  help build both the confidence and competence of trusted people in a survivor’s life. Trainings can be designed or customized for any community.

Engage your faith community

A faith community can be one of the greatest sources of support for survivors. Our team can work with your community and build upon specific passions and interests.

Join (or start!) a Local Group

Throughout our communities, there are several incredible, local groups gathering to promote healthy relationships and work towards ending domestic violence. Connect with our team to learn more about the work being done in your community.

Host an Awareness Event

Whether a neighborhood block party or a poster campaign in your synagogue, awareness campaigns can help survivors feel seen. Raising awareness is often the first step towards deeper engagement work.

Legislative Advocacy through Community Engagement (LACE )

While we support survivors individually, systemic changes, often through state legislative policy also have a profound impact on survivors. Through our new program, LACE, we are building networks of passionate community members who seek to advocate through legislative channels. Whether it be an email or phone call, writing an op-ed, or sharing testimony at a hearing, our voices can have a profound impact.

If you would like to get involved, contact our Community Engagement Specialist, Sydney Carter, at sydney@reachma.org.