Learn more about domestic violence to better support friends and family members.


Often times, we are asked to provide resources on how to support friends and family members who are experiencing domestic violence. REACH staff put together the following videos on some of the most pressing topics.

Introduction to Domestic Violence

In this video, we give a brief introduction to domestic violence to help deepen and broaden your understanding about what domestic violence is and how to support someone in your life.

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How to Talk With Teens about Relationships

This workshop explores adult and teen perceptions of teen dating violence, discusses messages and barriers that uniquely impact youth relationships, and provides strategies to address those barriers.

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What to Do, What to Say

In this video, we answer one of the most common questions we receive: If I am concerned about a friend, family member, or neighbor that may be experiencing abuse in their relationship, what do I do? What do I say?

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Technology: How it can Hurt & Help

In this video, we take a deeper dive into technology abuse, including what it may look like, some warning signs to look out for, and strategies that friends and family can utilize to support someone they care about through the use of technology.

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Tips for Talking to Kids about Healthy Relationships