Prevention Programs

Prevention isn’t about stopping violence before it occurs to one individual, it’s about calling out and changing the systems and social norms that keep so many people trapped in perpetual cycles of violence and abuse.


It takes us all

At REACH, we believe change is possible. Our prevention programs work to create a world free of intimate partner violence, where every individual and community can experience safe and healthy relationships.

Our Prevention Programs

Our domestic violence Prevention Programs help community members and professionals recognize and respond to signs of abuse.

Professional Training

We offer training to professionals who interface with survivors in their workplaces. From hair stylists to medical personnel, law enforcement to tech companies, we interact with survivors as clients and colleagues every day.

Community Organizing

Through our Community Engagement work, we help individuals build the confidence and competence they need to support survivors in their lives and enact positive cultural change.

Youth Education

We strive to create a world free of Teen Dating Violence by working with local communities and education institutions so everyone has the skills to promote healthy relationships and knows how to respond to abuse.


Volunteers bring creativity, energy, and empathy to the work of supporting survivors and enabling positive systemic change. We offer both short-term and long-term volunteer opportunities.

Does someone in your life feel unsafe
in their relationship?

Here's how you can help:

  • Listen, listen, listen. Give them space to share what they want you to know. Ask questions from a place of curiosity, not judgement.
  • Don't assume or label their experience. Use the same language they use to describe their experience and their partner.
  • Provide options, not advice. It's important to give folks the freedom to make decisions that are best for them.
  • Continue supporting them. This can be hard if the person you are supporting makes a decision that you don't agree with! Everyone is the expert of their own lives and knows what is the best and safest for them.

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