How We Do Our Work...And why it matters

REACH provides survivors of domestic violence with safety, shelter, and a path to healing. Our innovative, community-based approach promotes healthy relationships, fosters collaboration, and empowers community members to be agents of change.


To support the unique needs of each survivor and develop comprehensive solutions to end domestic violence, REACH focuses on four key areas of intervention.

Safety & Shelter

Our emergency shelter program provides survivors with safe, immediate housing and resources.

Community-Based Advocacy Work

Through our community-based advocacy program, our team supports survivors as they regain their independence.

Education & Prevention

To help prevent domestic violence and raise awareness, REACH leads discussions and trainings in schools, businesses, and other community spaces.

Community Engagement

Our outreach programs engage with community members to create locally based solutions to end domestic violence.

Our Core Values

Driving our mission to create a world without domestic violence, our values run deep.

  1. We Are All in This Together

    We do our work as part of a larger movement. We are collaborative, supporting one another in task and spirit.

  2. We Care for Ourselves and One Another

    We recognize that survivors, staff, and volunteers are more than the trauma they have experienced or the job functions they perform. Wellbeing stems from feeling grounded in our lives and work.

  3. How We Do Our Work Matters

    The respectful, equitable relationships we work for in the world have to start with us. We practice kindness and respect, and we commit to being present for survivors, colleagues, and our communities.

  4. We Believe Change Is Possible

    We work with communities and individuals to change social norms and systems of oppression in order to prevent and ultimately end domestic violence.

Our Reach

At what point does a connection become a breakthrough? At what point does a change in perspective become a life changed? And at what point does hope light the way to healing?

It all happens at the point when you discover hope. At REACH, we serve over 6,000 people each year through our intervention and prevention programs. With compassion and innovation, our team empowers individuals and communities to advocate for change, work to foster healthy relationships, and end domestic violence.

REACH continues to grow - forging ahead to foster safer, more supportive, more inclusive communities. Our momentum is building, our dedication couldn't be stronger, and our passion is unwavering.

Safety, optimism, support, hope - it's all within REACH.