A Thank You Letter to Our Volunteers


Dear REACH Volunteers,

Last year, you volunteered for 6,285 hours. You gave 6,285 hours of your time to support people you had never met before. You spent your days fixing toilets, moving furniture, repainting walls. You spent your evenings answering the hotline, providing a place for survivors to share their story, to hear they are not alone. You did all of this for someone you do not know. 

Holiday Gift volunteers

I am in awe of you and your tireless dedication. You step up, each and every day, to support survivors, your communities, and our staff.  When we realize that multiple survivors have to be in different courts at the same time, you are there to drive them and sit next to them.  You are there so they are not alone.  When we need more food to be picked up for survivors living in our shelter, you drive to the food bank, load up your car, and carry that food inside.  When we need someone to help answer the door, to ensure that from the first time a survivor comes to our office they are met with support and a compassionate greeting, it is you that we turn to.

Reception volunteers

You are the backbone of this organization.  You are there.  No matter how simple or complex the task, you ensure it gets done. We truly could not do this work without you.  Thank you for your kindness, compassion, energy, skills, and time.  Thank you for showing up week after week, year after year.  Thank you for all you do for each of us, and every survivor we serve.  On behalf of us all, thank you.

In deepest gratitude,

All of us at REACH