Domestic Violence Awareness Month 2015


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Our goal for the month is to “Inspire Conversation” throughout our community, because we know that abuse thrives in silence and stigma, and that just talking about it is an important first step.

We kicked off this conversation by asking some of the folks who know best, the members of our Survivor Speakers Bureau, why THEY felt it was important to have a month devoted to awareness of domestic violence.

Below are some of their thoughts:

“It’s good to have a month devoted just to DV so that people become aware of this issue. It brings forth opportunity for questions regarding DV. Also may inspire people that are living with DV to turn to places that could help them.” –KG

“We need to make the world understand domestic violence is real. It can happen to someone close to you, and you don’t even know about it, but if you are aware of a red flag you could save their life.” – SH

“To bring awareness to issues affecting survivors and offer kindness to survivors, so that they can ‘move on’ with the help and support of better informed public.” – TA

“To help people understand that abuse is not a silent thing that people kept behind closed doors, to show people that it not only affects adults but also children, that there is help and there are survivors.” – PV

“I believe DVAM is important to bring awareness to this epidemic. For others in the situation to know there is help and where to get it. And to help others understand domestic violence better. Also to help donations to help laws to be changed and to help police understand how to handle situations.” –JC

“It is important to let everyone know the reality of what DV really is, how it looks like and most importantly what we all can do to protect and support individuals going through that situation. Because 1 out of 4 women will experience DV in America. To educate and make aware that it’s not ok and there is help for you and your loved ones.” –MC

This month, we will be hosting or participating in conversations with faith communities, schools, elder services providers, funders, law enforcement, and more throughout the month. Be sure to check our DVAM page periodically for updates, and let us know about any conversations in your community that you’d like us to be a part of!

Teen group discussion