Support REACH’s Holiday Gift Program 2021

With the weather cooling down, we are quickly approaching the holiday season.  

Every year we are left speechless by the overwhelming generosity of our donors who make the holidays so much brighter for those who have survived abuse. Last year alone, we were able to provide holiday gifts to over 300 families (equaling over 900 people!). Throughout the pandemic, our intake line has remained busier than ever. We expect this year’s program will once again see an even greater need. Without you, the REACH Holiday Gift Program could not happen. 

 In past years, families would compile a holiday wish list, which REACH staff would then pass on to a donor who would shop for the items. Our goal was to provide each family member with four gifts, each in the $25 range.  But with the many ways COVID-19 has impacted so many lives and traditions, the REACH Holiday Gift program will once again look a bit different this year. Like last year, we have decided that instead of providing physical gifts for families, we will be focusing the program solely on donations of Target gift cards.  

Support REACH's Holiday Gift Program 2021

We want to continue to provide financial assistance to families who need it, continue to provide an opportunity for community, connection, and social involvement among donors and volunteers, and continue to prioritize the physical safety of everyone while we still hold so much uncertainty about what the next few months will bring.

To sustain the magic of this program, we need more donors than ever to support this work. Our goal is to provide at least $100 worth of Target gift cards for each person we are working with. Donors may choose the family size they are willing to sponsor (single individual, adult and one child, adult and two children, adult and three children, etc.) and either purchase physical gift cards in $25, $50, or $100 increments, or make a donation through our website for the Holiday Gift Program and we will purchase the gift cards on your behalf. (Please note, we are not able to accept e-gift cards).

We have chosen to limit the program to only include Target gift cards to create a safer logistical experience for our staff, volunteers, and participants. Target will allow more access for those who would like to shop for traditional gifts, as well as those who need essential items like household goods, groceries, or cleaning supplies, as well as opportunities to shop both in-person or online.

If you are able to be a donor for this year’s Holiday Gift Program, please email Jean Doliber at and indicate the size family for whom you would like to purchase gift cards. We plan to collect all gift cards from donors by Monday December 6th so we can distribute them to families during the first weeks of December to ensure they have enough time to shop before the holidays.

Thank you for your support of this program. We could not do this without you.