Meet the 2017 Reach for the Stars Gala Co-Chairs


Longtime REACH supporters Liz & Pete Carpenter and Pat & Clint Moon are this year’s
Reach for the Stars Gala Co-Chairs.  We are delighted to have their positive energy and professional strengths lead the committee to make this fundraiser another successful one. Read on to get to know a little bit about them.

Tell us about yourselves.

Pat: I am a Boston girl, having grown up in the Cambridge/Somerville area. Two traits that may validate that is my love for all Boston sports and I am the second of eight children. I even attended college locally graduating from Emerson with a BA in Marketing.

I enjoyed a fun career in advertising account service in the 80s, dabbled a bit in the dot-com industry in the 90s, then switched over to operations in a variety of industries, including my current employer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

I really do love to travel, even if it’s just hiking at Blue Hills to enjoy the spectacular view. You can get away on an airplane, or simply on foot. To add to my love of the outdoors and nature, I also have a passion for golf and skiing.

Liz: I grew up in Duxbury, Mass, and have lived, studied, and worked in New England for most of my life! After a career in public relations, I chose to stay home to raise my three sons in Wellesley. My hobbies include reading, yoga, cycling and golf.

How did you first get involved with REACH?

Pat: Sometimes it’s who you hang around! Laura Van Zandt is a dear friend of mine since our daughters became good friends in pre-school. Five years ago, Laura invited my husband Clint and me to the Stars Gala at WGBH Studio. We were warmly welcomed from start to finish, inspired by the speeches of victims and speakers, and we immediately knew we’d like to be involved in REACH.

Liz: When I was a member of the Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club, we awarded a grant to REACH. Laura spoke to us to express her thanks. I was very moved by what she said, and amazed at how many women and children had been affected by domestic violence- right in my own backyard! The issue is so far-reaching, yet still so taboo; so much abuse goes undetected and undiscussed. I wanted to get involved however I could.

Why did you agree to co-chair the event?

Pat: After 3 years on the Gala committee, I felt so fortunate to work with some wonderful board members, incredible volunteers, and our caring and creative partners, AE Events. I listened and learned and was super excited to take the opportunity to co-chair. As we embark upon the gala each year, it’s critical we keep this important event fun and fresh. When we all come together – colleagues, friends and neighbors alike – we push the envelope – we move the needle. It’s who we are, it’s what we do because, together, our common goal is to end domestic violence.

Liz: After several years on REACH’s Advisory Board, I am ready to take on a more tangible role that directly impacts REACH’s bottom line. Stars is critical to the organization’s continued impact on our community, and I am eager to help it grow.

What are you most looking forward to about this year’s gala?

Pat: Celebrating with the tremendous community of people who, year after year support REACH in a variety of ways. Contributions like moving furniture to a new home for a transitioning family, or a heartfelt educational discussion about healthy relationships in high school, or the donor who looks forward to their annual commitment – we do this together and we do it for REACH.

Liz: It is always a fun, uplifting event. I look forward to it each year, both to celebrate REACH’s survivors, as well as the organization’s growth and success.

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Left: Liz and Pete Carpenter
Right: Laura Van Zandt with Clint and Pat Moon