Nights of Safety, Days of Healing


One of the things we promised to do with this blog space was provide organizational updates on what’s happening at REACH – things like staffing changes, upcoming events, and our ongoing fundraising efforts. So we wanted to let you know that our Midwinter Appeal is on its way to your mailbox if you have been a supporter of REACH in the past few years. This is part of our ongoing effort to increase REACH’s support from individual donors, which is an important aspect of the Strategic Plan we adopted in 2012 to strengthen our ability to help more domestic violence survivors than ever before, and to do so reliably for many years to come.

The letter shares the story of a survivor named Tina, who arrived late one night at the shelter with her young daughter. After years of abuse, Tina began working with an Advocate who helped her weigh her options, come up with a safety plan, and find shelter space. Her Advocate supported her decision and reminded her about important paperwork to take with her. Tina came to shelter afraid for her safety and worried about the things her daughter had seen and heard. At REACH, she found emotional support and social connections that helped her feel empowered. Her daughter, withdrawn and subdued at first, came out of her shell, using the toys in our play therapy room to act out things she had seen and talk about her feelings with our therapist in a healthy way.

If you were in Tina’s shoes, how much would you pay to keep your family safe for one night?

We were able to provide these services and more to Tina for free, because of the support of people like you. Last year, your generosity helped REACH provide 4,121 nights of safety and days of healing to survivors and their children. Our advocates spent thousands of hours talking with survivors about the dynamics of abuse, legal options, plans to stay safe. More than 2,000 people called our 24-hour hotline.

Today, we need your help more than ever because the demand continues to grow. With the economy making things tough everywhere, shelters are full, legal services are scarce, and waiting lists for housing are long. But you can have an immediate effect on the life of a domestic violence survivor like Tina.

$50 heals by providing one session of therapy for a child who has witnessed or experienced violence
$100 empowers by offering two hours of safety planning with an Advocate
$250 protects a family with a night of safety in our confidential shelter
$1,000 keeps our 24-hour hotline staffed and operating for one week
$2,500 enables a survivor with children to move into a new apartment by helping with moving expenses

If you want to be a part of the work REACH is doing every day, visit:

Thank you. Your support makes all the difference.
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