Ode to the REACH Holiday Party


By Kevin Dunckel, REACH Volunteer

Last month, hundreds of generous donors provided holiday gifts for 290 families (over 850 adults and kids!) during our Holiday Gift Program. December is always a magical time at REACH because so many people come together to make this program happen. One of our wonderful volunteers, Kevin Dunckel, put into words just how truly special the Holiday Gift Program is and what this team effort looks like.

Twas the week before Christmas and no one could grouse
Everyone was stirring, including my spouse
Shelves were being built in the office with care
In hopes that the donors would soon want to share

The staff is all busy, moving the gifts
Volunteers bustling, working their shifts
Some wearing antlers and others have caps
Everywhere I look, there’s a roll of gift wrap

When out in the parking lot arose such a clatter
It’s a donor with gifts, the volunteers start to scatter
When what to my wondering eyes did appear
But a van and a pickup all full of good cheer

The gifts were brought in and quickly arranged
The bags were all labeled with markings so strange
D4, Q7, M2, and Z1
But each of the bags is loaded with fun

It’s all for the Holiday Party this year
A lot of good people, spreading good cheer
People and businesses going the extra mile
All in the hope of creating a smile

Just one person’s smile would be worth it to me
But this party fills hundreds of survivors with glee
It helps to remind us that the world’s full of good
When we all act the way that we know that we should

The gifts are all fun and it feels good to share
But better than that is to know people care
The bags were delivered and the shelves taken down
But the spirit of the holiday is still all around

Next week there’ll be smiles on hundreds of faces
And memories made in so many places
It’s not the gifts themselves that mean so much
What’s important is that they come with a personal touch

Everyone at REACH would like to say with delight
Happy holidays to all, and to all a good night