REACH is Moving: Update One


We are looking forward to sharing updates about our move project as it proceeds. It was fun to make and share the video we produced about how much we need this space. Have you seen it? If you have been to our current office recently, you know that we are busting at the seams. If you haven’t, the video tells the story.

REACH is working with ID8 Design Studio principal Sashya Thind Fernandes. At this point, her team is assembling the “permit set” to be submitted to the City of Waltham in order to start the project. The space has great offices already built around the periphery of the space. The middle is open and offers the opportunity to create additional offices and meeting spaces.

If you saw Laura’s last blog post, you know that we have been thinking about space and how it should look and feel – and be used.  We are excited to be able to create what we are calling “micro-offices.” When colleagues from the REACH shelter come to the office for a meeting, they often have paperwork to do or phone calls to make. The new office will include two “micro-offices” – totally enclosed offices with a small surface and a phone, enough to have a private phone conversation or work on confidential paperwork. These offices will be handy for survivors who may need to make calls without anyone knowing; perhaps for a job or housing search, or talking with an attorney or banker. Sometimes they do this with an advocate in their office, other times they might work on their own. These small offices will provide a private space for anyone to do what is needed.

When we visit the space with long-time (and new) supporters and volunteers, it is so exciting to see it again for the first time. Folks exclaim, “This space is so open!” “Look at the light!” “You guys will do so much good work here.” Or “This is real – we are finally getting more space.” They can appreciate that advocates will have more room to move around in their office – and offer a seat around a table to someone needing to talk about very difficult experiences. We think about future meetings and trainings in a large conference room, next to a kitchen with a sink! And we envision entering the space and seeing a place to sit rather than a pile of donations.

We hope you saw our announcement on social media that REACH was selected by the Cummings Foundation as one of the “100K for 100” this year! REACH will receive a $100,000 grant to pay for the growth of the organization into our new office space. We look forward to joining the Foundation and the other 99 awardees at the Grant Winner Celebration at the Trade Center 128 building next Thursday June 8. Check out #100Kfor100 to see our posts about the funding and learn more about the Foundation.

There is still a lot to do – and lots of ways to help. We created a registry of office furniture and technology items for the new space. We would like to be able to furnish the new space with appropriately sized and less corporate looking pieces. Check out the link for more information and to do some shopping! And tell a friend about this truly transformational opportunity for REACH and our communities.  

Together we will reach beyond domestic violence.