First Parish Lincoln Raises Awareness of Domestic Violence

REACH Beyond Domestic Violence recently partnered with First Parish in Lincoln for multi-event programming surrounding domestic violence.  Ministerial Intern, Terry Cummings, approached REACH’s Community Engagement Specialist with the idea that she wanted to deepen understanding and awareness of domestic violence, especially in the Lincoln community, as well as provide more support for survivors in the community.  Ms. Cummings initially came up with the idea after attending a meeting of the Sudbury, Wayland, Lincoln Domestic Violence Roundtable

 width=In the first session, the Lincoln Chief of Police and Domestic Violence Services Network came to the Parish to provide an oversight of domestic violence and its prevalence in Lincoln, laying the foundation for continued engagement.  In the second session, REACH’s Community Engagement Specialist, Lauren Montanaro, partnered with Ministerial Intern Cummings to facilitate a workshop on recognizing abuse and how to support survivors in our communities.  All too often, domestic violence is shrouded in silence, especially in more rural communities.  Participants reflected on these unique barriers, and how different it looks to support survivors when houses are spread out over acres of land.  In the final session, a vigil was held to honor survivor’s experiences.  Ms. Montanaro and Ms. Cummings again partnered to facilitate a space of healing and recognition. 

In addition to bringing conversations surrounding domestic violence to her Parish, Ms. Cummings also participated in REACH’s comprehensive training for new staff and volunteers so she can volunteer in REACH’s shelter.  Ms. Cummings spoke to her congregation about how much she learned throughout the training and encouraged them to attend future sessions.

To schedule a workshop for your community, please reach out to our Community Engagement Specialist, Lauren Montanaro at