Heller consulting team helps move our strategic plan forward

Summer was a busy time for six students from Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management 

 width=One component of the MBA degree at Brandeis’ Heller School is the Team Consulting Project – a “real-world, practical experience providing students with the opportunity to apply their analytical and problem-solving skills to help an organization or business unit more effectively pursue its social mission.” And that is what they did here at REACH.  

We were delighted to work with a creative and extremely knowledgeable team for ten weeks in order to support a priority area of our strategic plan, Staff Resources. At REACH, we believe that caring for one another – staff, volunteers, survivors, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues – is part of the change we want to see in the world. Promoting wellbeing helps sustain us – as does a living wage, growth opportunities, work/life balance, and benefits that enable joy in life. The team from Heller examined the latest research on compensation and benefits, and they interviewed peer organizations in order to provide an objective perspective and thoughtful recommendations for the Board and staff to consider. We are thrilled with the report and presentation by the team and we are so grateful for the opportunity to benefit from their expertise and energy.