REACH Summer Training Institute

This summer, REACH hosted its first Summer Training Institute. REACH has historically offered our 40-hour domestic violence training twice a year, September and March, but only during evening hours. This creates a challenge for participants and facilitators alike, leading to many late nights and a long 7-week timeline to accommodate the 14 sessions needed. 

In early June, we offered our 40-hour training in an Institute format which consisted of trainings from 10am-5pm during six weekdays. Our Community Engagement Specialist, Lauren Montanaro, was excited about moving into the new office this past fall because with the  width=addition of a Training Room onsite which seats 25, we have greater flexibility in the days and times that we can offer trainings.    

The training was attended by 12 people; they were four new interns, three new volunteers, and five service providers from various other domestic violence agencies. Participants attended a total of six days, with interns attending an seventh day that was focused on phones and hotline training. Though the days were long, participants reflected that the days flew by through engaging conversation and powerful presentations. Various REACH Staff and community partners from Emerge and Newton-Wellesley Hospital joined us to facilitate modules. 

 width=Now that training has concluded, our four summer interns are hard at work in our main office. Interns at REACH help create a welcoming environment for survivors coming to the office, answer our phones and provide support and referrals to callers, assist with childcare and occasional tutoring for children coming to our office, and help with various other tasks as they arise. 


To learn more about future trainings, please email our Community Engagement Specialist at