Strategic thinking – from a new perspective

In 2017, REACH completed a large move to new offices. From this new vantage point, we could think fresh about our vision and mission in the work to end domestic and sexual violence. During the first quarter of 2018, we and engaged in a strategic planning process. We are grateful to have partnered with Madeline McNeely of Conditioning Leaders to help us on our journey.   
We do our work in order to achieve our vision of healthy and safe relationships for individuals and communities 

We restated our mission as working with survivors of domestic violence to foster safety and support while engaging communities to promote healthy relationships 

We wanted to clearly articulate values that would guide our work into the future:

  • We are all in this together. We do our work as part of a larger movement. We are collaborative, supporting one another in task and spirit.  
  • We care for ourselves and one another. We recognize that survivors, staff and volunteers are more than the trauma they have experienced or the job functions they perform. Wellbeing stems from feeling grounded in our lives and work. 
  • How we do our work matters. The respectful, equitable relationships we work for in the world have to start with us. We practice kindness and respect, and we commit to being present for survivors, colleagues and our communities.  
  • We believe change is possible. We work with communities and individuals to change social norms and systems of oppression in order to prevent and ultimately end domestic violence.  

Our strategic thinking helped us shape our plan for the next few years – through 2021. Our priority areas of focus are:  

Deepen and Expand Prevention and Community Engagement 

Changing social norms is possible and necessary to dislodge the attitudes and behaviors that support the imbalances of power where domestic violence feeds. Educating young people – and “grownups” too – about the warning signs, intervention strategies, and how to talk about unhealthy or abusive behaviors can lead to lasting social change.  

Increase Partnership and Collaboration 

Our collective knowledge, power, and compassion are needed in order to create lasting change. Partnerships and collaborations not only strengthen the safety net for folks who are victimized or marginalized, collective action creates shared understanding and that is what changes social norms.  

Staff Resources 

At REACH, we believe that caring for one another – staff, volunteers, survivors, family, friends, neighbors, colleagues – is part of the change we want to see in the world. Promoting wellbeing helps sustain us – as does a living wage, growth opportunities, work/life balance, and benefits that enable joy in life.  

Financial Sustainability 

As a vital community organization serving so many people and businesses and schools, we need to ensure our future is bright and that our financial foundation is strong. We are challenging ourselves to chart a course forward that will enable us to be here as we are needed and give us the opportunity to try new things while we continue to do what works. We need more voices, more networks, more investment, and more energy. 

Look for more from REACH about our goals in each of these areas. Talk with us about our plan and our vision. Think about how it resonates with your own vision and goals.  

Together we will reach beyond domestic violence.