Upcoming Training Opportunities with REACH!

REACH will be offering a 40-hour training on domestic violence this January. The training is an opportunity for community members, other service providers, as well as new REACH staff and volunteers to learn about domestic violence and how to support survivors. In the past, REACH has been able to offer this training twice a year, in the spring and fall. This year, REACH is excited to add a winter session to allow students to complete spring semester internships with us. This will be the first time we are able to hold trainings at our own office, rather than offsite locations, because we now have the space! 

Registration is necessary to attend these trainings.  We will provide the address to participants after registration is complete. Community members  are welcome to attend for one, several, or all sessions. The fee for community members to participate is either $25 per session, or $100 for the full training. If cost is prohibitive, please email lauren@reachma.org to discuss accommodations. 

January 17, 2018             Orientation, Definition, Self-Care

January 22, 2018             Intro to LGBQ/T Communities, Categories, Wave

January 24, 2018             Trauma 101, Active Listening

January 29, 2018             Barriers to Leaving

January 31, 2018             History of the DV Movement, REACH Philosophy

February 5, 2018             Teen Dating Violence, Boundaries

February 7, 2018             Child Exposure to Violence

February 12, 2018           Legal Issues

February 15, 2018           Mental Health & Addiction

February 20, 2018           Safety Planning

February 22, 2018           Bringing the Message Home

February 26, 2018           Hotline Training #1

February 28, 2018           Hotline Training #2

For registration or additional information, please email our Community Engagement Specialist, Lauren Montanaro at lauren@reachma.org.

This is our brand new training room, all set up and ready to host thoughtful conversations about preventing domestic violence and promoting healthy relationships.