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How my REACH Beyond Domestic Violence Internship Changed my Views on Policy Work

Blog by Emma Keeling I have always said that I dislike policy. I never had solid grounds for this argument, but something about staring at a document for hours and picking apart every piece of language seemed boring to me. Although as a Public Health major I knew how important policies were, I avoided policy work and instead took a more downstream and educational approach to…

Longing for a safe space

Time and time again, this country has shown black Americans that they do not have a safe space. Not when walking home with a bag of skittles, not when playing with nerf guns at the park, not when getting pulled over by police, and not when sound asleep in their own apartment.

Ode to the REACH Holiday Party

Last month, hundreds of generous donors provided holiday gifts for 290 families (over 850 adults and kids!) during our Holiday Gift Program. December is always a magical time at REACH because so many people come together to make this program happen. One of our wonderful volunteers, Kevin Dunckel, put into words just how truly special the Holiday Gift Program is and what this team effort looks like.