Survivor Voices: Poetry


As often as possible, we try to use this blog space to feature pieces written by domestic violence survivors. The following poem was written by Molly (not her real name) to describe how she felt when struggling with domestic violence and substance use.  Today Molly is living on her own, has regained custody of her kids, and has been sober for over a year. We share this piece to honor the journey she has been on and the road she will continue to walk…

Cold Misery

Lately, she’s become so self-destructive and ultimately,

Self defeated

From holding onto little dark secrets

Where you will hear the most silent-but-deadly

Kind of screaming

Suffering inside her shell after being severely beaten

It’s so scary how one simple smile can be the start

Of a fire to everything

Something so severe, it’s become so serious,

Now it’s only about surviving

It’s when scars keep cutting, but nobody can

hear her desperate call of crying

It’s when her tears are tainted and tortured

They’re becoming too tired to keep trying

Interrupted by the demons of drugs

She has so deliberately been denying

Disturbed by this downhill she continues

To keep on climbing

That’s led her so low, she’s manipulating, deceiving, and lying

She knows the drugs won’t change, and neither will he

So why can’t she find the right kind of help

To finally break free

Why can’t she kick

The company of

Cold Misery


If you or someone you know is feeling like this because of abuse in a relationship, help is available by calling our hotline at 1.800.899.4000.